Hi. I’m Shannon and MY wife Is Camilla. Greetings from Adventures of WifeSquared.

Met in a AOL chat room 13 years ago. Did a long distance relationship. Married and have adventures as we travel the world as much as possible. 

Cam is in the back and Shannon is the one in front.

What You Will Find On Adventures Of WifeSquared

Since we love traveling, we are sharing our adventures, travel tips, destination blogs, travel gear, and LGBTQ travel info, with other like minded individuals. With over 13 years of different adventures, we decided to share them with you, in the hope to help you plan memorable trips.

We both work, but always make time for traveling. Some examples are our 3 day vacations to Paris, or our 5 week, living in a shake, in Costa Rica trips. 

Our wish is for you to make the most out of your trip with our personal experience on what to do and not to do. We will share everything we know with guides, blogs, and reviews on everything associated with traveling.

Since we are lesbians, traveling can be more challenging in some areas, but we have always made it work. Check out our guide on LGBTQ Travel, which has information we use when traveling. 

About Us

My background includes a B.S in Biology, with emphasis in conservation, while my wife, Cam, has a B.S in Travel and Recreation Management. We have experienced luxury vacations that took months to plan to last minute trips where we ended up booking lodgings while landing in a different country. My wife likes to keep me on my toes. 

Since 2005, when we met and fell in love after declaring it would never work out, we have been trying to create as many adventures together. From our first trip together in Costa Rica, to our latest traveling adventures, we continue to have a love for the unknown and what the world can offer.

Our journey, so far, has included 13 countries, 44 US States, and countless cities. It’s great when we get to plan out our trips, but more often than not, most are last minute that end up being amazing and affordable.

If we are not traveling to another country or state, you will most likely catch us exploring our home state of Arizona, with the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. We try to incorporate nature as much as we can into our travels. Travel to us is about exploring and when something changes, you laugh and find a way to make it work.

Fun Facts About Us

Camilla falls under the statistic of people who played with fireworks and lost a finger in the process. She has also experienced Camelback Mountain, located in Phoenix, different than most, since she had to be rescued after an unexpected incident. Cam has been fortunate to explore Costa Rica by backpacking from one side to another, over a semester with Outward Bound

A fact about me, Shannon, is that I was born with Tourette’s Syndrome (motor and vocal tics). No, I do not cuss all the time, but thanks for asking. Got to love South Park. I do take medication for it, but it can sometimes present a problem when traveling, but that’s where the fun begins.

I worked for a few years in an aquarium where I helped to rescued marine organisms from power plants during heat treatments. Some of the animals I have worked with are Horn Sharks, Mantis Shrimp, Bat Rays, Black Sea Bass, and Pacific Seahorses to name a few.

Another awesome job I have done is chasing Western Grey Squirrels around Griffith Park, in Los Angeles. This job had me placing hair tubes for samples in trees and yelling, “Squirrel”, as I tried to take pictures of it for identification. Doug, from Up, had nothing on me. 

Talk To Us

Want to know more about our travels or are looking for tips on planning your adventure, then check us out. 

We will continue to explore the world and share everything we can. If you have any comments, questions, or ideas of adventures, then contact us, even if you just want to say hi. 

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