Traveling can be adventurous for some and downright stressful for others. No matter what, you want to get through the hassle as fast as you can and with no problems. Here are 10 airport travel tips on making your next trip, hassle free. 

1. Freeze Your Liquids

Try freezing your favorite drinks, you can take them through security since they are solid and not liquid.

Have a long trip and want ice cold water or have a liquid you need to take through the security line? If it can completely freeze, then you can take it. On a long flight, it can be nice to have cold water to drink. It must be completely frozen though and this tip is for airports located in the United States. 

2. Bring a Hydroflask or a Empty Waterbottle

Make sure to take hydro flask with you to fill at a water station.

Why waste money on buying water when you can fill your own at the airport. Most airports, except for the smaller ones, will have water stations to fill that empty bottle or a hydro flask. Save those few dollars you would have spent by just having an empty bottle with you. 

3. Have Your Documents Ready

Make sure you have all your documents ready. If you have any medical concerns, make sure to bring documentation and any other cards you need. My Tourette’s card helps others understand why I tic sometimes.

No matter what airport you are in, you will want all of your documents ready in one compartment. In fact, it is smart to not only print out the boarding pass but to take a picture of it as well. Some airports will have very slow Wifi or in some cases, none at all. It can be hard to compete with others for the signal, so have pictures of your boarding pass or a printed copy. 

4. Sign Up For Global Entry, TSA Precheck, or Clear

The TSA Precheck will have a separate line to help you go through security in at a faster pace.

Who likes long lines where the end is not a Disney ride? No one. That’s why TSA Precheck and Global Entry is such a blessing. Saving time from having to take things off can be the factor from you making or missing your flight. 

TSA Precheck will last for 5 years after you get approved. For those foreigners that have Global Entry, then you can use the TSA Precheck as well. Additionally, there is also Clear you can sign up for. 

4. Bring A Sweater or Travel Sleeping Bag

It can pay off to have an extra sweater or travel sleeping bag when you get cold or just need to nap in that corner.

Airports and planes can get cold. When I say cold, I mean the type where you contemplate which part of your body you choose to try to keep warm. More people are flying and with it comes more delays or hassles. Being stuck in an airport for hours on end can boring, you don’t want to add being cold to the mix.

Furthermore, for those that have to wait overnight or have a long delay, having extra cloths makes finding a corner to rest in easier. Also, bring a pair of socks to wear on the plane. Traveling through airports a lot, then try investing in a small travel sleeping bag. Great for staying warm in an airport or on a plane. 

LGBTQ Travel

LGBTQ travel can be challenging with homophobia still present. Thats why it’s important to know before you travel what to expect or prepare for.

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5. Sign Up For Real-Time Aiport Checks

Make sure to check your flight status with the screens and use FlightView to be informed of any changes.

This is an important part of your airport traveling. At some point you will have a delayed flight or even a change of gates. Signing up for your airlines flight status can save you from walking to a wrong gate or missing your flight. Try FlightStats or FlightView to help track your next flight. 

For over 13 years, I have been flying many times a month. One thing that never fails is seeing someone run to their gate, to only find out the plane already left. Yes, airlines have the right to board you on a late flight whenever they choose.

If they board before that hour time they gave you, then it’s on you for making sure you are there and not in the bar. They will give your seat away if you are not present at time of boarding. Trust me, I have received that seat you didn’t make. 

6. Carry A Portable Chagrer

Make sure to bring a portable charger and ones that have more USB ports are the best.

Waiting around to find one of those elusive charging stations that actually work can be troublesome. If you do find one, most likely you have to leave your device plugged in or sit on the floor. Make your travels easier by having a portable charger.

Smart move is to buy one that has a few USB plugs so you can charge more than one device at a time. You might get lucky and get a plane that has outlets. Congrats if you do and if it is working. Best bet is to have a portable charger to use when you see that low battery and avoid missing that free movie.  

7. Bring Extra Snacks

Bring some of your favorite snacks to save some money.

Plan on buying something to eat or snack on while at the airport, then be prepared to spend money. Every person has their own taste for snacks, so bring a few of your favorites. Here are some ideas for the Best and Worst Airline Snacks

9. Skip The Coffee or Tea

The water for your coffee and tea is pumped onto the plane prior from a hose.

Make sure to skip getting that tea or coffee they give you on a plane. The water they use to make your hot drink comes from a water trunk. Yes, that water is sitting in a water tank before being pumped on the plane.

Ask any person that works at a airport and they will even tell you not to order a hot drink. Instead, grab a hot drink before you board. Want some water, then don’t worry, they serve that from bottles. 

10. Check Out Other Security Lines

Make sure to get in the less crowded security line to help save time.

In a hurry and need to get through the security line fast, then don’t pick the on the right side or closest to you. Most people will grab their ticket and head to the closest security line, which most likely will be long. Download the Miflight app that helps to track security wait times. Also, try going left, since most people are right handed and tend to go that way on impulse.

For example, the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 4 has three security lines. The A and D side will always have longer lines, because these gates have international flights as well as the bigger planes. This means more people will go through these sections to get to their gate.

Head to the other B and C security lines instead where you see less people, since these gates house the smaller planes. Doesn’t hurt to look up the airport beforehand or ask an employee which one is less busy. 

Bonus Tips

  • Flight cancelled, then make sure to get on your phone and call the airline as you wait in line. You will most likely talk to someone on the phone and get help before you even get to the front. 
  • Oversold flight, do not take the first offer from the airline. Wait out the offer of a voucher and take the cash compensation. This can be up to $1,350 and is a great for those whose plans are flexible. Don’t want to be bumped, then check in early, they will force the ones who check in last to give up a seat. 
  • International flights, make sure to take a blue or black pen. It’s a hassle trying to find one or ask people around you for one. 
  • Luggage can sometimes be lost and when that happens, most often, you pay the price. Before you take off, take some pictures of your luggage and what is inside. It can help in locating it or when you have to be refund for what was lost. 

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The information on this website has come from research and by experiencing it ourselves. Opening hours, closures, prices, etc. are always subject to change. We try to keep up to date on any new information, or tips to help make your adventure more enjoyable. 


    • Yeah most people don’t know that the water has to be loaded into the system either from the hose or a water tank for those international flights. Was an eye opener for me. Happy travels!


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